It was with open arms that Professor Banji Akintoye welcomed members of Laroka Trust Foundation to his house on 17th May 2017. Our mission was to discuss the Story Teller House project with the eminent historian. We met him in the company of his amiable wife.
At the meeting we announced our ambition to record and preserve the culture and oral traditions of the Yoruba in digital format. Professor Akintoye received our proposal with elation. He encouraged the promoter’s of the project to push the boundaries on the project. In support, he contributed ideas and shared from his vast personal experiences.
He observed the team’s keen interest in the origin of the Yoruba and provided scholarly insight. His discourse on the scientific evidence and inferences on this matter was illuminating.
Professor Akintoye is the author of the book, A History of the Yoruba People (Amalion Publishing, 2010). This authoritative work is the product of over three decades of historiography research by the author.

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